Commercial Roofing Services

  • New Construction  (Available in VA & WV)
  • Re-roofing of Existing Facilities  (Available in VA & WV)
  • Emergency Repair services (Available in VA, WV, NC & TN)


Dunford Roofing is a name you can trust in the commercial roofing business.  From our office in Tazewell, Virginia, our crews travel the entire states of Virginia and West Virginia, as well as the western half of North Carolina and eastern regions of Tennessee.

New construction – Our team of professionals will work with you or your planners to choose the best roofing system or combination of systems for your facility.  Because we have our own sheet metal fabrication system we can provide turn-key solutions to any challenge and help you create a truly unique design.  Our installation crews travel to the job site and perform all work related to the roof.

Re-roofing services – Regardless of the original installer or the age of your existing roof we provide quality re-roofing services.  Unlike some contractors we also do not limit you to the same type of roofing system.  We will design a new roof system that best suits your building needs in reference to longevity, foot traffic, energy savings and overall cost value.  We have decades of experience in design and installation of EPDM rubber membranes, TPO heat welded membranes, modified bitumen membranes and conventional hot asphalt multi-ply roof systems.

Emergency Repair Services – Sometimes tragedy strikes.  A fallen tree, a winter blizzard, or any number of unexpected events can ruin your day and your roof, but it does not have to ruin your budget!  Dunford Roofing is only a call away and will have a crew dispatched to resolve your dilemma within 48 hours once any inclement weather passes, or we are already responding to other customers.  If we should be delayed for any reason… we will contact you immediately with updates of our crews arrival.

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